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Domo by Domo, Inc.

An Operating System For Your Business

Domo’s Business Cloud is the world’s first open, self-service business intelligence platform to run your entire organization. The Business Cloud brings together the data, the people, and the insights executives need to find answers to critical business questions, for faster, better-informed decision making and best use of business intelligence software to improve business performance. 

Whether you're wanting to use existing business intelligence (BI) data to see marketing's contribution to sales, or manufacturing's labor cost per unit, or look into the nuts and bolts of data warehousing, the business analytics information you need is always at your fingertips. With Domo’s winning business intelligence and analytics solutions, busy intelligence analysts can sort out operations with business intelligence dashboards, break opens silos with data mapping, and generally improve the e-discovery ability of an enterprise.


  •  Connect To All Your Existing Data: The Business Cloud allows you to explore your existing data in ways you've never done before. Connect to spreadsheets on business processes, databases, social media, or anything else you need, for practical business intelligence solutions you can use every day.

  • Mobile Friendly: Stay connected anywhere you go. Opportunities for using data analytics and data mining processes don't wait for you to get back to your computer, so Domo helps you seize them on the go. With a seamless experience on any device, Domo delivers the business intelligence and business analytics information you want, wherever you happen to be. 

  • Collaborate With People & Data: Domo's Business Cloud is a business management platform with BI applications capable of aligning your entire company, its conversations, and strategy around business intelligence objectives that deliver real business results.