Document Control

Document Control by Harrington Group, Inc.

Proper documentation of processes and timely, effective releases of document revisions are important to every business. Our Document Control software system provides all the tools you need to track, organize, and manage any type of documentation.


  • Maintain a Master List - A master list of controlled documents is not only a Quality System Requirement, but also a necessity for managing your inventory of critical documents and data. 
  • Document Approval Process - The personnel approving a document revision will often have comments that become an important part of the documentation on the document itself. The approval process often yields important information about the process covered by the document. 
  • Identify Change History - As documents evolve over time, it is important to know the difference between revisions. A change to a manufacturing procedure ultimately changes your deliverable product. 
  • Quarantine Obsolete Documents - Consider the problems created through the use of outdated assembly instructions at one of your manufacturing stations. It is imperative that all personnel are reading the same script. 
  • Inventory of Controlled Documents - Document Control System lets you quickly and easily list the name, number, and description of each controlled document. Powerful tools are provided for grouping and tracking sets of documents that are physically issued. 
  • Simplify Release Process - When you're ready to release a document, just specify who will approve it. Document Control System lets you know who has not yet performed their review. When the document has been released, a report lets you know who needs to turn in the obsolete version. 
  • Deploy Personal Bookshelves - Define sets of documents that are pertinent to groups such as manufacturing personnel. Give these users the right to view just the documents you specify. No license purchase is required. 
  • Quickly Locate Documents - Whether you issue documents physically or provide electronic access, Document Control System lets you control who has access. With this level of control, you can easily determine who has controlled copies or even access to the information.