DiWeb by DiCentral

DiWeb offers an advanced, cost-effective, hosted solution, to instantly become EDI compliant with your trading partner community. Transactions are completed, validated, and transmitted effortlessly. Real-time visibility of all documents throughout the entire supply chain are built into the web application at no additional cost. Seamless integration is available to/from any backend application such as your accounting package. 


  • No up front software investment.
  • User-friendly web solution. 
  • Connects to ANY trading partner. 
  • Automatic email notifications of orders. 
  • Forward transaction capability. 
  • No-hassle shipping and packing options. 
  • Easy UCC-128 label printing to any printer. 
  • No label software required. 
  • Real-time data visibility. 
  • Control of all EDI data at all times. 
  • Multiple user login capability. 
  • 24 hour free customer support. 
  • Can dramatically reduce charge-backs.