Bynder Digital Asset Management

Bynder Digital Asset Management by Bynder

A digital asset management (DAM) solution should allow you to easily and quickly upload your assets and store them in an efficient and accessible manner. Bynder’s DAM will improve your file management processes (including searching for specific images, establishing copyrights, and sharing big files), thus simplifying a complex undertaking into a seamless time and cost-effective tool.


  • DRAG AND DROP - Adding files to your asset bank, whether individually or in bulk, is easy you can even upload hundreds of files at one time per batch! 
  • SUPPORTED FILE FORMATS - Bynder supports all common media file formats including images, videos, and documents, automatically generating thumbnail previews during upload. 
  • AUTOMATIC METADATA EXTRACTION - Bynder will automatically extract metadata during the upload process. 
  • RECEIVE MEDIA FILES - Bynder supports all common media file formats including videos, Microsoft Office documents, Photoshop and InDesign, and automatically generates thumbnail previews. 
  • APPROVE & AUDIT UPLOADS - The Waiting Room feature will ensure that only approved files are being added to your asset bank.