DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite by DeviceLock Inc

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite consists of three primary software modules - DeviceLock, NetworkLock and ContentLock for data in motion and data in use. Along with the separate DeviceLock Discovery Module for scanning data at rest, DeviceLock protects any sized organization from endpoint data leak dangers across the widest array of threat vectors.


  • Blocking or filtering of peripheral devices and ports, clipboard/printscreen, mapped virtual devices, and document printing 
  • Contextual control over network communications such as email, cloud services, social media and virtualized environments like RDP, Citrix or VMWare 
  • Content filtering of files copied to/from removable media and network communications including keywords and textual patterns (with OCR on graphic files) for “data-in-use” and “data-in-motion” 
  • Content discovery and remediation for “data-at-rest” to proactively prevent data breaches 
  • Central logging of alerts and shadow copying of files/messages for forensic analysis of end-user data transfers to devices, ports, printers and network communications 
  • Full-text searching of logged data and shadow copies of documents based on their contents.