Datapipe Colocation Services

Datapipe Colocation Services by Datapipe, Inc.

Many businesses own the hardware necessary to facilitate core operations, but lack the resources to properly power, cool, house and protect this equipment. Take advantage of Datapipe’s experience and infrastructure to enhance your return on investment while reducing CAPEX, OPEX and TCO. Datapipe’s world-class, purpose-built data center facilities offer colocation in New York Metro, Silicon Valley, London, and Hong Kong. 


  • Lower infrastructure costs  - Colocation in Datapipe's state-of-the-art facilities lets you control in-house infrastructure costs such as bandwidth and network.
  • Increase performance - Datapipe's core network is the only one that includes every Tier 1 backbone provider. We guarantee 100% network uptime. This unique combination of speed and reliability helps you to improve productivity and reach your business goals.
  • Grow with flexibility - As your business grows, the flexibility to scale your solution quickly and easily becomes critical. Colocation with Datapipe gives you the opportunity to expand efficiently on your terms.
  • Secure mission-critical assets and data - Utilize Datapipe’s facilities to protect your mission-critical assets for business continuity or disaster recovery.
  • Remote Hands Available  - Fully customized Remote Management offerings are available to provide basic on-site first-line maintenance and support, as well as more advanced services.