Data Leakage Protection

Data Leakage Protection by Paladion Networks Private Limited

Meet Paladion, a long serving cyber security provider that integrates business context intelligence, threat data, and cyber insights from its team of specialized researchers, ethical hackers, and security experts with leading security solutions in analytics, SIEM, vulnerability management, risk visualization, and more to help you anticipate cyber attacks, respond to threats, recover faster from a security incident, and improve your overall security posture. 


  • Identify sensitive data across IT infrastructure 
  • Monitor how employees use sensitive data and block sensitive data loss activities 
  • Educate employees in real time about data security policies 
  • Demonstrate data leakage risk reduction to management 
  • Provide persistent protection various kinds of documents with cryptograpy 
  • Access to a protected document will be available only to authorized users, irrespective of where the document resides 
  • Set fine-grained permissions that define exactly what an authorized user can do with a protected document 
  • Audit each recipient's use of a protected document and know whenever a document has been viewed, printed, copied, modified, and more.