Crossfire by Rivet Software

Crossfire is a web-delivered document management and SEC filing platform that allows your finance, legal and audit teams to collaborate simultaneously in Microsoft Word on your desktops. Ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data more efficiently. File HTML and XBRL directly to the SEC from a single source document. Leverage the most experienced XBRL and financial reporting staff in the industry to complete the tagging or filing process at any time. Spend more time on what matters: analyzing the numbers.


  • Make last minute changes quickly and accurately. Crossfire allows you to work right up until the filing deadline – avoid the stress of long vendor turn times, pencils down requirements and rush fees. 
  • Crossfire leverages the best of Microsoft Office to take advantage of the familiar word processing functionality of Word and rich data management features of Excel, used by accountants everywhere. 
  • Link your data. No more copy and paste. Crossfire links data between documents for automatic updating. 
  • Automatic roll forward. Crossfire leverages Excel functionality to get your document structure rolled forward, including tables, headings, and dates.