Creditonline software

Creditonline software by EGROUP EU

EGROUP EU specializes in creating, installing and supporting loan management systems. The main project of the company is the loan business management system CREDITONLINE. CREDITONLINE system is developed by analyzing the good practice of the European loan market and its economical trends. The loan business management system is created and supported for now more than 7 years. Within that time, the system has been implemented in 80 companies in the European Union as well as other countries.


  • Detailed consultations Specific law and business consulting related to the loan software. 
  • Design and ergonomics The complete design of the website and its adaptation to the system. 
  • Web & Mobile content management system Ability to edit and modify web & mobile page content. 
  • Loan management system A comprehensive client and loan management system which works on the basis of a SaaSS model. 
  • Virtual privacy service (VPS) host High security dedicated virtual private server host. 
  • Full communication package CRA's, emailing, SMS, VoIP and etc. 
  • Flexible and extendable System adaptation according to your business needs. 
  • Employee Training Full training course on operating the CREDITONLINE lending business software. 
  • Full security package SSL, PCI DSS and other ISO certified security solutions. 
  • Support system Help desk which works 24/7. Direct monitoring of services 
  • Regular backups Frequent backups of system data and databases. 
  • System updates Regular updates considering the legal acts (country specific) and market needs.