CPA Detective

CPA Detective by CPA Detective

CPA Detective is an affiliate fraud detection and compliance monitoring service that identifies and eliminates fraud and low-quality traffic sources to improve online advertising campaign performance. CPA Detective will optimize online advertising campaigns (CPA, CPL, CPC, PPC, and CPM ) as well as improve ROI and increase traffic quality. The service features a leading technology and sophisticated algorithms, as well as a team of dedicated compliance monitoring experts to help you enhance campaign performance as well as increase earnings for Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns.


  • Smart Device Fingerprinting
  • Proxy Unmasking 
  • Fraud Intelligence Database
  • Forensic Pattern Matching 
  • Device Manipulation Recognition 
  • Cloaking Detection 
  • Customized Reporting & Alert Rule Management 
  • Data Integration 
  • Flexible Integration 
  • Flexible Risk Tolerance