Courion Access Risk Management Suite

Courion Access Risk Management Suite by Courion Corp.

The Access Assurance Suite is an integrated suite of provisioning, governance and identity and access intelligence solutions that enables you to automate routine IAM tasks, identify and eliminate compliance issues as they occur, and predict and prevent the problems that lead to risk.


  • AccountCourier automates the process of creating and managing user accounts and identities and allows you to define access rights for identities across the enterprise.

  • PasswordCourier offers self-service password reset and synchronization across a variety of enterprise systems.

  • Access Request Manager is a robust access request management solution that simplifies the creation and management of the requests that govern user access.

  • ComplianceCourier enables you to certify user access rights so you can identify and validate “who has access to what” and effectively enforce least-privileged access across the enterprise.

  • RoleCourier simplifies and standardizes the process of defining policies for “who should have access to what” by establishing enterprise roles.

  • Access Insight applies predictive analytics to the identity and access data in your enterprise and displays risk in visually intuitive heat maps so you can resolve immediate threats and improve ongoing provisioning and governance operations.