Courion Access Insight, Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI)

Courion Access Insight, Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI) by Courion Corp.

Access Insight identifies the risk associated with any misalignment between users and their access within your organization and drives provisioning and governance controls to manage that risk. Specifically designed to answer the critical questions “Who has access to what resources?” and “Are they using that access appropriately?” Access Insight provides the insight needed to successfully address these complex challenges. 


  • Automatically evaluate and act upon risks associated with users’ access and activities 
  • Continuously govern through on-demand micro-certifications 
  • Automatically identify and remediate improper user access that could harm your organization 
  • Analyze massive amounts of identity and access data against policy and company-defined models of activity patterns 
  • Make informed decisions about the appropriate access designated to each role in your organization