CoSign® digital signatures
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CoSign® digital signatures by ARX Inc.

CoSign® digital signatures enable the replacement of slow, expensive, and non-productive paper-based approval, collaboration, and delivery processes with fast, low-cost, and efficient electronic operations. CoSign works seamlessly with all popular document formats and business applications such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PDF, SharePoint, InfoPath®, Adobe® Reader, AutoCAD®, Bentley® MicroStation, Outlook®, TIFF, and others. 


  • Digitally sign with a simple click of a mouse - Equipped with an intuitive user interface, a simple right click is all that is required to sign and seal the document. View a digital signature demo.
  • Digitally sign any document type - CoSign works with all standard file formats: Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, InfoPath®, Adobe® PDF, AutoCAD®, Bentley® MicroStation, TIFF, and other document types.- Turn any document into a digitally signed and sealed PDF
  • CoSign's integrated virtual signing feature converts any electronic document into a signed PDF. - See how CoSign converts any document format into a signed PDF.
  • Ensure external acceptance - CoSign embeds the digital signature directly into the document itself, enabling it to serve as a form of self contained e-record. After signature capture, anyone can verify the signature and content integrity anywhere at anytime - with a simple click.
  • Add your graphical signature and signing rationale - The signer's graphical signature is placed on the document as well as the reason for signing (e.g., I approve, I agree, etc.).- Approve along with your colleagues
  • CoSign allows multiple signatures to be placed on a document (one after another) while ensuring document integrity. This is useful in scenarios that require a series of approvers and an audit trail.
  • Approve only designated areas of the document - Digital signatures can be applied to a specific area of the document. This is particularly effective for spreadsheets.