Coresystems Field Service Software

Coresystems Field Service Software by Coresystems

Coresystems Field Service Software helps in creating Field Service analytics, reports and dashboards. It offers customer portals allowing customers to quickly communicate product or equipment information using QR codes, ensuring that the response includes the right parts at the right place at the right time. The software link parts to warehouses in real-time, so your field service technicians have a better chance of getting it right the first time. It proactively manages field resources and resolves customer issues in advance of failures.


- Connectivity
Coresystems is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS application, yet offers seamless offline functionality in all mobile applications. Best of all, our ecosystem comes ready for 3rd party integrations with our powerful API.

- Master Data Management
With our Master Data Management tool, you can manage all critical, cloud-based application data, and improve data quality and integrity.

- Field Service Mobile App
Customers demand a level of service which is difficult to execute in paper form. Mobile technology has transformed the way in which organizations operate in the field in this age of the empowered customer.