Core Commissions

Core Commissions by Core Commissions

Core provides self-service Incentive Compensation Management solutions. Desktop version with 3 minute install. Free download. Enterprise version with SQL Server database. No per-payee charges, rapid install, handles the most complex rules out-of-the-box, auto e-mail distribution, auto report generation. Handles all advanced commission features including drag and drop analytical tool with drill-down capability and what-if scenario builder. Free version available.


  • Powerful platform for your sales commission management needs Handles the most complex commission plan requirements featuring an industry-leading Formula Builder that handles splits, overrides, bonuses, draws and all aspects of quota management. Automate those sales commission payments 
  • Set up in fraction of the time of other systems #1 Choice! Make us prove why we can automate your commission plan in a fraction of the time of other systems. Affordable, save time, eliminate errors 
  • Choose by package or a la carte Flexible and scalable solutions for all budgets. Cloud or on-premises options. Performance dashboards and reporting modules. Seamless integration with other systems.