Contraxx Enterprise
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Contraxx Enterprise by ECTEON

Create, capture, manage and analyze all types of agreements more effectively with Contraxx Enterprise. Rich with features, this system is flexible, scalable, integrated and secure, thanks to years of feedback from thousands of contract managers everywhere as well as from insights provided by our consultants. Today, many customers from various industries and governments around the world express their continuous enthusiasm and confidence in Contraxx Enterprise.


  • Supports all types of contracts and trackable data elements. 
  • Accelerates the entire presignature process while complying to regulations.    
  • Minimizes risk of missing any key contracts (for example, renewals, deliveries, etc.) through e-mail alerts and calculated formulas.    
  • Minimizes legal exposure with authoring and modeling tools. 
  • Accesses key information faster through an at-a-glance daily dashboard, which helps support management decision-making and assists in monitoring progress.    
  • Accesses actual contract language immediately through a document repository that features a full- text search.  
  • Ensures only the right information goes to the right people, fortifying overall security measures.   
  • Employs an open, standard-based model through protocols such as XML, SQL, and web services. 
  • Installs easily with little or no programming.