Contract Analyst

Contract Analyst by Contract Analyst

Contract Analyst delivers high value contract management software to manage the entire contract lifecycle, centralize contract documents, and manage risk. Contract Analyst is simple enough to out-of-the-box and flexible enough to adapt to your specific requirements. Contract management software from Contract Analyst is contract management simplified!


  • Start Managing Contracts - Never miss a contract expiration or auto-renewal notice date again. Contract Analyst brings every contract together in a single portfolio to yield new insights about your organization’s risks and opportunities. 
  • Use One Contract Repository - The foundation of Berkman Solutions is the central repository: one place for all documents and data. The central repository allows you to turn documents and data into information that your organization can act on. 
  • Get Reports Automatically - Enjoy the power of the reporting tools from Berkman Solutions. Create a single report format; use it in many ways. 
  • Never Miss a Deadline - One missed expiration date or unwanted automatic renewal can justify the investment in contract management software. 
  • Achieve Compliance - Contracts are the foundation of enterprise. Compliance requirements touch every organization across industries. Regulations can lay down the rules of the road or impose barriers to business. Compliance is essential for success, like good brakes on a car. 
  • Customize Your Contract Solutions - Customize screens, fields, and labels to your unique requirements. Use the pre-configured contract management screens from Berkman Solutions or adapt them to your needs.