Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution by Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

Interactive Intelligence provides all-in-one solutions that enable you to deliver an exceptional experience to every customer you serve. Our team of experts will put years of contact center experience to work for you to help determine the best option: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) - A feature rich on-premises solution, CaaS - A virtual private cloud (single tenant) version of CIC offered at a monthly cost, or PureCloud - A new distributed cloud platform using Amazon Web Services (AWS).


  • Exceed customer expectations and build loyalty. Interactive Intelligence allows your contact center to take a highly personalized, all-in-one approach to customer care. An approach that lets you better anticipate — and exceed — customer expectations. 
  • Improve operational performance and achieve better customer service. Interactive Intelligence contact center applications bring together interaction processes and customer service best practices. Access a full range of capabilities to deliver an excellent customer experience.