ConnectEDU by ConnectEDU

ConnectEDU’s technology solutions empower students by informing their academic and career decisions. In serving educators, students, parents, administrators, and employers, ConnectEDU helps progress learners and guide their transitions from school to career. Today, ConnectEDU serves more than 20 million registered learners, 5,000 educational institutions, and 130,000 employers throughout 40 countries.


  • Attract Talent that Fits Your Brand Build your employment brand, differentiate from competitors, and attract the right talent to your business.    
  • Bridge the Skills Gap - Bridge the skills gaps and build tomorrow’s workforce by connecting talent with the training they need to progress professionally. 
  • Match Opportunities to the Right Talent - Matching technology provides access to the right talent so you can save time and money searching for the best candidates.    
  • Scale Your Programs Efficiently - Fine-tune recruiting programs in real time to reach the best talent in the most cost effective way. Validate your investment and future spends with customizable reporting.