Compliance 360

Compliance 360 by SAI Global Limited

Compliance 360® is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines governance, risk, compliance and internal audit process for organizations of all sizes and geographic diversity. Compliance 360 is designed to make compliance, risk and audit management easier, less costly, and much more manageable – even for organizations in highly regulated industries. 


  • Support centralized and distributed management structures for optimal efficiency and control 
  • Establish a system-of-record for compliance, risk and audit management 
  • Increase accountability and management visibility 
  • Maintain a continuous state of readiness for audits, surveys and exams 
  • React quickly to changes in laws, regulations, enforcement actions and external events 
  • Enforce standards and consistency throughout your organization 
  • Decrease labor intensive processes and documentation 
  • Identify and proactively address risk hot-spots across the enterprise 
  • Streamline and direct internal audits into areas of highest risk