Comodo Cloud

Comodo Cloud by Comodo Group, Inc.

Cloud storage not only keeps your files secure online but also allows you manage/access anytime and anywhere. We believe that having off-site copies is essential to protecting your data from disk failure, theft, and other disasters. At the same time, we know you need trouble-free access to your files – wherever you might be. Comodo Cloud can make all of your files more secure and more accessible for as little as $0.22 per day. 


  • Fast, easy setup: In a few minutes you can start synchronizing files in the background without interruption - then let our software take care of the rest. 
  • Peace of mind: your files are safe, secure, and available whenever and wherever you need them. 
  • Safekeeping backups: use the (free) Comodo Backup software to also protect data from corruption, virus damage, and accidental deletion. 
  • Multiple ways to access: through the CCloud client, mobile apps, and web browsers. 
  • Secure online environment: encrypted storage and encrypted connections from Comodo. Just drag 'n' drop files, play music, view photos and edit documents directly from Comodo Cloud as you like.