Community by The Workforce Management Software Group, Inc

Community leverages cutting edge technology and a unique, innovative feature set to increase the level and consistency of customer service while controlling the cost of providing that service. While setting a new standard for ease of use, through intuitive and customizable features, Community enables your team to interact and collaborate while executing your unique workforce management strategy.


  • Accurately predicts demand for all your customer channelsincreasing the level and consistency of customer service
  • Optimize your schedules to increase customer service and minimize payroll related expense while maintaining agent preferences
  • Interactive portals empower Agents, Supervisors and Schedulers with timely information and performance data
  • Collaborative interaction engages all resources to respond to the dynamics of customer behavior securing consistent service level delivery
  • Automates countless manual and semi-automated task yielding administrative time savings
  • Standardizes practices eliminating favoritism, inefficiencies and reducing reporting errors
  • Captures data that was previously unavailable enabling more informed decision and increasing planning and budgeting accuracy
  • Produces individual agent and aggregate productivity metrics increasing visibility and driving efficiency