CloudOne Storage™

CloudOne Storage™ by PEER 1 Hosting

PEER 1 Hosting's on-demand CloudOne Storage offers the ideal solution, delivering infinite scalability and no-maintenance storage at an extremely affordable price. Built on a utility-based pricing model, you turn our cloud storage on and off as you need it. And you only pay for what you use.


  • A Fast Proprietary Network Backbone: With over 25,000 miles of fiber connecting 19 Datacenters and 21 points of presence (PoPs), our FastFiber Network™ carries only PEER 1 Hosting traffic to keep data paths as uncluttered, fast and secure as possible. 
  • Intelligent Automatic Load Balancing: CloudOne Storage alleviates workload hotspots and bottlenecks by performing automatic load balancing. Your objects remain accessible no matter what kind of traffic you or other CloudOne users are experiencing. 
  • Advanced Cloud Security Features: Choose between replication or erasure-coding as your method of data protection - both of which ensure that your content is always secure and available. 
  • File Level Security and Access Controls: Set specific storage and access policies for each object, including where to store the information, how many copies are stored and which protection techniques are employed. 
  • An Ecosystem of Developers and Users Working Together: Our growing CloudOne Storage ecosystem can put you in touch with a wide range of application developers and applications that have been certified to run on the CloudOne Storage infrastructure. 
  • Backed by Our FirstCall Promise™: CloudOne Storage customers only have to make one call to ensure a quick resolution to any problem. Our team of Level II and III system administrators is available every minute of every day to help.