Cloud Cloning Edition

Cloud Cloning Edition by CloudVelocity

The Cloud Continuity Edition allows for robust Cloud Cloning and Cloud Failover for applications into AWS. IT teams, app managers and app developers can run multi-tier apps and services in the public cloud as extensions of their data centers, taking full advantage of the public cloud for otherwise cumbersome, costly and often risk-prone alternatives. Your team can harness the cloud seamlessly for hybrid cloud operation and deployment


  • Our unique, patent-pending One Hybrid Cloud™ (OHC) Platform architecture enables unmodified new and existing apps to run in and across clouds as extensions of the physical data center, enabling unprecedented agility and security within a hybrid cloud operating environment. You can even migrate or replicate between AWS regions as needed for disaster avoidance or temporary demand conditions.

  • CloudVelocity automates critical hybrid cloud infrastructure processes — from discovering the constituent hosts to replicating and provisioning and launching groups of systems — all with drag and drop menus.

  • CloudVelocity also extends the enterprise data center to the Cloud so that these distributed multi-tier applications can access any necessary services residing back in the enterprise. The result is a significant reduction in manual cloud deployment, migration and infrastructure tasks; a significant reduction in the costs, risks and time required to deploy and maintain public cloud application clusters and services, even across multiple data center, public and private cloud environments.

  • Deploying into or migrating between public clouds and existing data centers has never been faster, easier or safer. CloudVelocity software does not require apps to be modified or even virtualized in order to run safely in the cloud.

  • Duplicates apps and services exactly as they were on premise

  • Works with existing and new apps (no virtualization required)

  • Can make multiple copies as needed in minutes

  • No need for specialized network, storage, DBA or AWS skills