Cloud Business Operating System

Cloud Business Operating System by CentralBOS

Like a computer or a phone that has an operating system to support its applications, a business needs its own system to tie together its customer, product, accounting and personnel information. This is what CBOS provides: an all-in-one business solution that is available anytime, anywhere. CBOS offers a hosted, cloud-based, mobile, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with user-defined roles, multiple levels of security for data storage and user access. The CBOS platform provides information that can be accessed by all departments and eliminates individual solutions for each department and the repetitive, error-prone input of data. Offered economically on a monthly billed basis, the CBOS platform provides your company with a single solution to help you grow, and puts you in the driver’s seat to manage your organization, customer data, product or service offerings and personnel information.


Back Office Suite - integrated applications
  •  Accounting (Payables, Receivables, Billing/Invoicing, Sales, Orders, General Ledger)
  • Financial Reporting,  Data Repository and ( remove Analytics)
  • Inventory Management  (including Bill of Materials, Kitting, Barcode scanning, Shipping Integration)
  • Payroll and HR
  • Vendor Management and Procurement
  • Client Management and CRM
  • Help Desk and Customer Support / Ticketing
  • Point of Sale  (Front Counter)
  • Fixed Asset Management
Customized functionality and a strong UI/UX 
  • Tailored Dashboards
  • Role-based User data access and security (and auditability) down to the field level
  • Roll-up capability for reporting and financials
  • Browser based application mobility
  • Built-in business process disciplines
  • Tailorable Work Flow processes
  • Vendor Portal and Customer Portals
  • Payments Portal (Click-to-Pay), e-Billing, and Payment Processing
  • Employee Self-service / Manager Self-Service modules
  • Task Management features
  • Advanced UI / UX (web 2.0) applications and screen layouts
Complementary optional functionality and service
  • E-Commerce (B2B and B2C)
  • ASO (Payroll admin and HR onboarding and Support Services )
  • CFO, Book-keeping and Consultative Services
Customer & Vendor Portals
  • Overall Summary
  •  Secure access and  Selected views 
a.) Tailorable functionality for each Vendor and Customer
Vendor Portal:  
a.) Purchase Orders
b.) Materials Receipt (including tracking, delivery, status and updates)
c.) Bills & Payments (including paid and partial pay)
d.) Inventory, Requests
e.)  Requests, Tasks & Communications
Customer Portal
a.) Sales Orders,  Shipments
b.) Invoices and Payments (including click-to-pay)
c.) Inventory (stocking levels and replenishment)
d.) Requests, Tasks & Communications