ClickField Service Edge

ClickField Service Edge by ClickSoftware,Inc.

Click Field Service Edge connects service professionals to the business and to customers with collaborative mobile tools that improve the experience for everyone. Click Field Service Edge is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all business roles in a service company from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. Click Field Service Edge transforms field service from the all too frequent reactive fire-fighting into strategic customer engagements that build loyalty and customer lifetime value.


- Automated, optimized service that leverages advanced algorithms and AI technology to transform service from reactive to predictive; improving operational efficiency and creating service differentiation to rapidly achieve business goals.

- Seamless upgrades for immediate access to new functionality eliminates the time and cost of upgrades for greater agility and competitive differentiation.

- Exceptional scalability, speed, performance, ease of implementation and use provide an intuitive environment that encourages both compliance and strategic concept testing.

- Enriches customer engagements with real-time bidirectional communications for increased customer satisfaction, retention and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).