ClicData Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

ClicData Business Intelligence and Data Visualization by ClicData

It’s your business and it’s your data; get as much as you can from it!

Get Access to a Powerful, Easy-to-Use Business Intelligence & Data Visualization Reporting Tool

Take the time and stress out of collecting, analyzing and reporting on data from different systems. Now you can have everything you need to connect your data, clean it, mix it, set up visual indicators, key metrics and KPIs, and then easily share your results with your customers, co-workers and partners.

Data is merely numbers when it lacks the right tools to extrapolate connections, meaning, and insights. ClicData allows you to transform data into dashboards through our powerful interactive dashboard designer. Start visualizing performance, trends, forecasts and results with charts, gauges, indicators, tables and much more. Our drag-and-drop dashboard designer lets you create a dashboard in just a few minutes.

With 100s of native connectors and thousands of visualizations, realtime becomes “now-time” and you can know where to spend your time, improving your business.


        Our intuitive design belies the power of our software. In
        six easy steps, you’ll have unprecedented insights provided by connecting,
        cleaning and filtering your data - sourced from multiple platforms and in
        numerous locations — into an integrated, cloud-based data warehouse. Your
        insights have never been more powerful.

        • Connect your data - Access all of your data —
          no matter where it lives — from a wide variety of platforms into a transparent,
          integrated cloud-based data warehouse.
        • Prepare your data - ClicData features an ETL
          platform for your data: transformations, normalization, merge options, data
          history management and more...
        • Create your dashboards - Drag & drop
          indicators on your workspace and connect your data from any sources in just a
          few clicks to create live dashboards workspace and connect your data from any
          sources in just a few clicks to create live dashboards and reports for your
        • Publish and share as you like - Dynamic
          dashboards mean you have the flexibility to keep your team updated, make your
          point with clients and enable stakeholders to monitor indicators.
        • Automate data refreshes and alerts -
          Automatic data refresh and automatic alerts give you confidence that your
          indicators and metrics are up to date and that you are always in the know.
        • Manage user rights and privileges - Organize
          people into teams, manage their access rights to your dashboards and establish
          parameters to filter who sees what.