Cleversafe by Cleversafe, Inc.

Cleversafe’s patented object-based storage solution leverages information dispersal algorithms coupled with encryption to expand, virtualize, transform, slice and disperse data across a network of storage nodes. This limitless scale storage system stores data much more efficiently than other traditional storage systems that need to maintain multiple copies of the same data, Cleversafe’s unique information dispersal architecture uses a single instance of data with a minimal expansion of the data in order to maintain data integrity and availability.


  • Data mobility: Referencing objects by IDs versus file names enables easier movement and migration of data, freeing it from underlying hardware 
  • Scalability of namespace: The namespace is independent of the file and operating system and isn’t impacted by their size limitations 
  • Performance scalability: Object storage enables unlimited simultaneous readers and writers directly to the objects 
  • Simplified integration & development: Tighter coupling between applications and storage yields enhanced features 
  • Storage efficiency: Objects take up only the space they need, without having to pre-allocate storage for the storage container