ClearCompany Performance Management System

ClearCompany Performance Management System by ClearCompany

ClearCompany is the easiest way to bring all employee review processes into a single, automated solution. Their easy-to-use software allows you to quickly set up reviews, including custom scoring tables, weighted sections, and free-form responses. Sections of reviews can be shared among multiple forms to further simplify setup and scoring. Flat-rate pricing allows you to send as many reviews as you need, as frequently as you need to, without worrying about the price tag.
While their Performance Management System is incredibly powerful on its own, the complete ClearCompany Talent Management Platform also includes solutions for applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, and goal alignment; allowing you to seamlessly find, hire, onboard, review, engage and retain top performers. 
ClearCompany is also highly rated for customer support, providing all clients both dedicated Implementation and Relationship Manager as well as unlimited ongoing training, support and consulting services.


  • Fully Flexible and Customizable - Whether you’ve been waiting for the perfect performance management system for your unique process, or are trying to determine just how to implement performance management in your company, ClearCompany’s performance module was built just for you. 
  • Actionable Analytics -  Focus on your performance data in a completely new way. Identify your key metrics and keep a close eye on how and why they change.
  • Beautiful Employee Experience - Your people are your organization’s most important asset. Managing their performance shouldn’t be an arduous or boring process. ClearCompany provides an intuitive and easy platform for them, and you. 
  • More Than Just Annual Reviews - Performance shouldn’t be a one-time event and with ClearCompany it isn’t. We provide the tools you need to communicate with your employees in a consistent and effective way.
  • Tools for Employee Development -  Succession planning isn’t a once a year event. You need to know where your A-talent and future leaders are at all times. ClearCompany performance management gives you the insight you need to make crucial business decisions.
  • Anniversary Based Reviews - Whether setting up annual reviews for a class of new hires, or a 30 day check in with your newest report, our robust scheduling tool will save hours of administrative time.
  • Quality of Hire - ClearCompany Performance is the only system that connects performance data with hiring, showing your team what type of talent they are bringing in, and how to find more A-Players.
  • Quality of Onboarding - Our Quality of Onboarding report analyzes logistical measures, goals, and community metrics to provide you with an unparalleled look at how well your team is assimilating a new hire into your organization, and how well that new hire is performing.
  • Predictive Performance - Hiring isn't a perfect science. Be more confident in your choices with our predictive performance tools.