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ClearCompany HRM by ClearCompany

At ClearCompany (formerly HRM Direct), we believe in the transformative power of talent. Our patent-pending Talent Management Platform has been empowering organizations to source, hire, review and manage A-players since 2004. Before ClearCompany, technology was not available to support the best practices of strategic talent management. Our approach to talent management is a proven one, placing goals at the center of the talent process to provide a strategic understanding of your human capital. 


  • Hire A-players: Drive Talent Success from day one. 
  • Improve Performance: Learn about A-player profiles, then easily hire more of them. 
  • Develop and Nurture: Get engaged and productive employees the easy way. 
  • Make Better Decisions: 360 degree views give managers the whole picture. 
  • Ease Admin Burden: HR pros should be thinking about people, not paperwork. 
  • Manage Compliance: Someone has to do it and that someone is you. Let us help. 
  •  Implement Seamlessly: Our experts make it easy to get up and running quickly. 
  • Straight-forward Pricing: Never get the bait and switch on implementation day.