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Cirrus Insight by Cirrus Insight

Salespeople work in the inbox. It’s where they send emails to customers, receive proposals and contracts, schedule meetings, and much more. All of that valuable sales information rarely gets documented in a CRM platform. Cirrus Insight allows salespeople to view, add, update, and edit Salesforce information where they work: the inbox.


  • Quickly Save Emails to Salesforce - Automatically relate emails to records or use specify exactly how you want it to relate in Salesforce, even to custom fields and objects. 
  • Track Email Opens and Links - See when, where and on what device customers read your emails as well as how often they click your links. 
  • Send Emails Later and Set Follow-Up Reminders - Write emails and schedule them to go out at a desired time. Have reminders sent to you in both Salesforce and your inbox. 
  • See Customer Snapshots - Instantly know who you’re talking with and the status of your customer relationship. As you open an email you'll immediately see a snapshot summary of the sender's records in Salesforce. 
  • Sync Your Google & Salesforce Calendars - Have a record of your meetings and how they are related to the people you've invited to them.
  • Use Your Salesforce Templates - Access your Salesforce templates, merge fields, edit and send them right from the inbox.