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CircleCi by CircleCi

CircleCI was founded in 2011 with the mission of giving every developer state of the art automated testing and continuous integration tools.CircleCI gives you all the benefits of continuous integration with none of the headaches of maintaining it.CircleCI automatically infers how to run your Ruby, Node, Python and Java tests. You can customize any step, or set up your test steps manually for PHP or other languages.


  • Quick Setup - Set up your continuous integration in 20 seconds, not two days. With one click CircleCI detects test settings for a wide range of web apps, and set them up automatically on our servers. 
  • Fast Tests - Your productivity relies on fast test results. CircleCI runs your tests faster than your Macbook Pro, EC2, your local server, or any other service. 
  • Deep Customization - Real applications often deviate slightly from standard configurations, so CircleCI does too. Our configuration is so flexible that it's easy to tweak almost anything you need. 
  • Debug with Ease - When your tests are broken, we help you get them fixed. We auto-detect errors, have great support, and even allow you to SSH into our machines to test manually. 
  • Smart Notifications - CircleCI intelligently notifies you via email, Hipchat, Campfire and more. You won't be flooded with useless notifications about other people's builds and passing tests, we only notify you when it matters. 
  • Loving support - We respond to support requests as soon as possible, every day. Most requests get a response responded to within an hour. No-one ever waits more than 12 hours for a response. 
  • Automatic Parallelization - We can automatically parallelize your tests across multiple machines. With up to 16-way parallelization, your test turn-around time can be massively reduced. 
  • Continuous Deployment - Get code to your customers faster, as soon as the tests pass. CircleCI supports branch-specific deployments, SSH key management and supports any hosting environment using custom commands, auto-merging, and uploading packages. 
  • More to come - At CircleCI we are always listening to our customers for ideas and feedback. If there is a specific feature or configuration ability you need, we want to know.