Chime CRM

Chime CRM by Chime Technologies, Inc.

Chime is a powerful lead generation and CRM solution for real estate professionals. It solves all of the pain points most agents struggle with on a daily basis. Our suite of tools enables agents to launch marketing campaigns, track leads’ activities, build customer relationships, and seamlessly manage teams, across multiple devices. By streamlining all their operations from end-to-end, Chime allows agents to focus on what really matters—boosting their business.


New Lead Alert

Be the first to get in touch with new leads! You will receive instant alerts once you have a new lead in your Chime system. Chime also lets you modify the alert settings and set up auto-reply emails.

Sale Pipeline

With Chime, you will have a full sales pipeline mixed with the tools you need to develop relationships and help your customers find their dream home.


Nurturing your leads with the help of drip campaigns and customized action plans, which remind you of key tasks at each stage of the lead development. Be organized. Be prepared.

Track & Record

Stay on top of things - thanks to Chime tracking and recording every interaction with your leads. Additionally we'll remind you of key follow-ups on your Chime dashboard.