Chef by OpsCode, Inc.

Opscode Chef™ automates the processes behind incremental change, so you can develop, deliver and deploy on demand. Chef™ for OpenStack provides a centralized, defined collection of code and best practices for using Chef to create and automate entire OpenStack infrastructures, as well as to launch entire application stacks on top of OpenStack clouds. With cookbooks for automating each core component of OpenStack, in addition to a deep ecosystem of partners, Opscode can help you build and scale an OpenStack cloud to drive greater business agility and operating efficiency.


  • Continuous delivery is an automated process that accelerates the release of software and digital services. It allows you to release a new service, a better web page, a bug fix, or a special offer rapidly, and with minimum manual intervention. As it becomes possible to make more frequent small changes, which are far less risky than a few large ones, you get dramatically faster and more focused feedback about what works and what doesn't. 
  • Chef is an ideal automation platform for continuous delivery because it allows you to model and manage your infrastructure as code. Infrastructure modeled as code is versionable, testable and repeatable. With Chef, you'll realize the true effectiveness of your organization by decreasing time to market and increasing the quality of your releases.