Champs EAM
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Champs EAM by Champs

CHAMPS EAM has all the attributes for meeting the challenge of optimizing asset performance of any enterprise. With CHAMPS EAM, organizations can judge success by measuring costs, availability, and performance against both internal and external benchmarks. 


CHAMPS EAM helps you meet asset optimization challenges by enabling you to achieve:

  • Higher and consistent revenue generation through better asset availability
  • Lower costs for maintenance labor, parts and service contracts
  • Better regulatory compliance with reduced incidents and quicker response
  • Informed decision making pertaining to asset maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Integrated systems and work processes to manage physical and human assets efficiently
  • Reduced downtime by scheduling preventative and corrective maintenance.
  • Prolonged equipment life by analyzing and acting on information providing maintenance histories, performance, operations and testing throughout the entire lifecycle of each equipment