CenturyLink by CenturyLink, Inc.

CenturyLink links businesses of all sizes: large enterprises, small- to medium-size businesses and government entities through our data, Internet, voice, managed hosting and cloud solutions. Businesses require advanced communication and computing solutions to strengthen their positions in today’s global markets and CenturyLink provides end-to-end solutions over our 430,000-mile global network, which includes more than 230,000 miles of domestic fiber. 


  • Your All-in-One Solution for Data, Voice and Business Applications Managed Office extends our high-performance network into your business and strengthens your IT functionality. We bundle voice, data and cloud-based applications with end-to-end management, so you can focus on your core business. 
  • Simplify Your Voice Communications System and Improve Workforce Productivity Hosted VoIP uses a privately owned, robust fiber network to route calls faster, unify voice and email messaging and schedule multiple devices to ring at the same time. Improve collaboration and strengthen office communications with one simple solution. 
  • Manage Your Business, Not a Data Center Colocation services from CenturyLink allow your IT infrastructure to expand beyond your location to a more efficient and secure environment with more space and power. You maintain total control by managing your own hardware, software and applications, achieving growth and cost savings. 
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership and Increase Efficiency Metro Ethernet provides a flexible and scalable network to handle your increasing traffic demands. LAN, MAN and WAN networks provide the perfect solution for your growing business, no matter your changing needs.