cDevWorkflow by Innovative Process Solutions Inc.

Workflow file management processes the workflow inputs that create the BPM engine with instructions for the creating, deleting even moving of files or folders within the organizations database. Business Process Management (BPM) is a real-time, constantly evolving effort within our organizations.  Consequently, the BPM workflow processes that seek to automate and control these business activities must also be capable of performing at this level.  The key function or operation for any workflow process is its ability to track workflow status and the associated information from start to finish.


  • Ease of Use. Our graphical workflow designer requires no special training. 
  • Business Process Management tools enable users to track and control business activities. 
  • Business Intelligence tools real-time process information: more throughput, less effort. 
  • Embeddable Process Decision Engine increases workflow efficiencies by using runtime execution data .