CDC Software

CDC Software by Aptean

CDC Supply Chain’s Warehouse Management solution enables companies to implement supply chain best practices for the physical handling of goods in supply chain nodes, such as finished goods warehouses, central warehouses, distribution centers, cross-dock and flow-through centers, return centers, and local outlets.


  • Reduce your inventory levels Through increased visibility and communication between enterprise and warehouse applications, the need for safety stock dramatically decreases.
  • Increase productivity By optimizing your resources across space, equipment, appointments and staff, operations are streamlined and productivity increases.
  • Improve delivery reliability From sophisticated pick wave management to mandated data collection to outbound QA checks, the order shortages, damaged goods and late shipments are significantly reduced. 
  • Increase throughput and turnover Inbound and outbound goods are more easily managed with extensive support of advanced shipping notice (ASN) message structures, enabling increased throughput and turnover. Flow thru and cross dock operations in conjunction with advanced shipping notices contribute to increases in both throughout and inventory turns. 
  • Strengthen transparency With full audit capabilities, one can drill down into individual tasks, the type of task that a given worker is performing, the inventory being touched in a certain location, the receipt or order that that inventory is associated to, and all the statistics associated to that task. 
  • Bolster traceability System mandated lot tracking during all warehouse operations improves inventory traceability from supplier delivers into storage to customer shipments.
  • Improve workload balancing System directed operations ensures that workers are kept busy during their shifts, balancing the number and types of executable tasks, such as moving inventory, cycle counting and performing values added services.