Catalyst Insight

Catalyst Insight by Catalyst

Engineered to handle the largest legal matters, Insight is the first e-discovery platform to harness the power of a noSQL XML engine—combining metadata, tags and text in a unified, searchable data store. Everything about it is optimized to handle massive amounts of text and data. Insight is designed to be the fastest and most scalable discovery platform on the market. 


  • Load data seamlessly Send your files directly to us and let our automated system process, load, search, tag and batch your files for review within hours. 
  • Cut down on mistakes Our central repository gives you a single place to manage your discovery documents. Files don’t get lost or delayed moving from vendor to vendor. 
  • Reduce review costs Cut review costs in half by standardizing workflows across cases and counsel, tagging documents once and reusing them in multiple cases, and reviewing smarter through Insight Predict. 
  • Manage data across matters Our single-instance storage lets you link a single document to multiple matters. Pay to process, manage and store the document only once, while ensuring uniformity across cases. 
  • Reduce discovery spend By consolidating discovery documents into a central repository, you can reduce total spend by 50% or more on aggregated volumes.