Whichever strategy you choose to analyze your fixed income and equity investments, there are inherent risks. You can reduce those risks by using CAMRA™ to track, value and account for your investments. It's a flexible software application that streamlines, automates and simplifies the investment process by providing immediate access to decision-making data.


  • A comprehensive insurance investment accounting and reporting system that incorporates multiple accounting methodologies and reporting levels, and fully auditable data and robust multi-currency processing. 
  • Improved operational efficiency, allowing you more time for critical functions such as risk analysis, portfolio management, GIPS performance measurement and compliance. 
  • Proactive, automated exception handling, workflow management and reconciliation tools, resulting in reduced operational risk. 
  • Scalable and flexible architecture that helps you match present and future business needs with flexible delivery options, including license and ASP. 
  • Real-time, two-way global market connectivity when accessing and collecting data. 
  • A single, consolidated book of record for all asset types including derivatives, syndicated loans, mortgage loans, and distressed debt across your entire enterprise, which eliminates the need for multiple databases, corresponding data redundancies, gaps and endless reconciliations.