Calyx AUS


Calyx AUS is an automated underwriting system designed to increase time efficiencies and cost savings by analyzing your loan files against investor-specific underwriting guidelines. Within seconds you can find out why a loan would or would not be sellable to specific investors under specific loan programs — saving you time and money. All major investor programs are available in Calyx AUS to help facilitate a significant reduction in the time your loan officers, processors, underwriters, and back-office departments spend on every loan.


  • Check your loan file easily against investor and program-specific guidelines, including 1003 and investor guidelines. See all eligible and ineligible investor programs at a glance to help ensure approval, salability, and multiple outlets for best execution. 
  • Drill down into any investor program to see exactly which rules passed and which rules failed to ensure that underwriting guidelines are consistently enforced, regardless of who's working on the file. 
  • Rectify deficiencies up front without waiting for the underwriting turnaround time. Save underwriting time by quickly identifying loans that don't meet investor program guidelines 
  • Re-check loans against investor program guidelines at any stage in the mortgage process to mitigate the risk of buybacks 
  • Decision directly off of your Point file without having to export/import a DU 3.2 file or re-issue a credit report Save the Calyx AUS Findings right back into your Point file for future reference-viewable and printable by anyone with access to that Point file 
  • Keep multiple Calyx AUS Findings in the Point document management system so results under different scenarios or at different stages are preserved