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CA SiteMinder by CA Technologies

CA SiteMinder Secure SSO & Flexible Access Management can provide your organization enterprise-class secure single sign-on (SSO) and flexible identity access management so that your organization can authenticate users and control access to Web applications and portals. Across Internet, intranet and cloud applications, it helps enable the secure delivery of essential information and applications to your employees, partners, suppliers and customers via secure single sign-on. 


  • Seamless user experience helps to maintain the integrity of application security and makes it easy for users by not forcing them to login multiple times 
  • Support for standards like OAuth and OpenID allow you to securely enable online business faster by allowing users to easily login with social media credentials like Facebook or Google 
  • Provides flexibility by allowing you to support SSO via Web agents, proxy agents, agent-less, SAML or REST authentication and authorization Web services depending upon the application and business use case 
  • Broad support for authentication systems and technologies provide you with flexibility on what methods you use such as user ID and passwords, CA AuthMinder™/CA RiskMinder™, SAML and WS-Federation/ADS, biometric devices and many more  
  • Allows you to fine-tune your infrastructure and demonstrate compliance with security policies and regulations