CA IdentityMinder
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CA IdentityMinder by CA Technologies

CA IdentityMinder delivers a unified solution for user provisioning and user management that manages users’ identities throughout their entire lifecycle, providing them with timely, appropriate access to applications and data. The user provisioning and identity management solutions that we offer can give users access to what they want when they need it.


  • Improve user productivity by providing employees, contractors and partners with access to the applications they need when they need it.    
  • Reduce risk by preventing non-compliant provisioning activities and removing access when no longer required.    
  • Simplify end-user experience via self-service access requests and approvals.    
  • Flexibly align identity management deployment with your organization’s unique requirements.    
  • Support mobile users by delivering common identity-related functions from a mobile device.    
  • Provide centralized control of identities, users, roles and policies across on-premise apps and the cloud.