CA GovernanceMinder

CA GovernanceMinder by CA Technologies

CA SiteMinder Secure SSO & Flexible Access Management can provide your organization enterprise-class secure single sign-on (SSO) and flexible identity access management so that your organization can authenticate users and control access to Web applications and portals. Across Internet, intranet and cloud applications, it helps enable the secure delivery of essential information and applications to your employees, partners, suppliers and customers via secure single sign-on. It also scales to help you meet your growing business needs with flexible administration tools that can support either centralized or distributed administration.


  • Reduce costs by automating manual tasks such as entitlements certification and leveraging a powerful analytics engine to quickly assess, build and maintain accurate entitlements and roles. 
  • Reduce time and effort spent on repetitive tasks such as compliance reporting and remediation through process automation and delegated workflow.
  • Reduces organizational risks by ensuring that all users have level of access that is appropriate with their job function.  Minimize unauthorized access to sensitive data and identify and remediate segregation of duties violations. 
  • Faster time to value via integration with existing target systems and other CA Technologies IAM solutions including CA IdentityMinderâ„¢ and CA SiteMinderâ„¢, ensuring consistent identity-centric security across IT environments.