CA Application quality & Testing tools

CA Application quality & Testing tools by Test

An integrated solution that enable a true production-  level mainframe testing environment. Our solutions are designed to help you prevent errors before they happen, lower CPU consumption and promptly respond to internal and external customer needs. With our integrated mainframe testing tools, you can quickly obtain accurate test data, find performance improvement opportunities, and identify and debug root causes of application problems.


  • CA InterTest™ BatchDeliver quality applications with effective, mainframe debugging tools. 
  • CA InterTest™ for CICS - Automate debugging of CICS applications to identify errors prior to production. 
  • CA SymDump® Batch - Quickly detect, analyze and resolve batch application failures. 
  • CA SymDump® for CICS - Quickly detect, analyze and resolve CICS ABEND application failures. 
  • CA Mainframe Application Tuner formerly TRILOGexpert TriTune®Proactively identify the root-cause of application performance problems in production or pre-production. 
  • CA File Master™ Plus - Speed test file editing and data creation with effective mainframe data management. 
  • CA Datamacs™ Test Data Generator - Create production-like test data for higher application quality. 
  • CA Date Simulator - Virtually simulate future system dates and times without impacting live systems. 
  • CA File Master™ Plus for IMS - Get quick and accurate IMS data manipulation.