C9 Pipeline/Forecast
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C9 Pipeline/Forecast by C9 Inc.

Use C9 OppScores to determine the deals that will close and those that won’t. Anticipate risks that pose the biggest threat to your quarter and get recommendations on how to avoid them. Zero in on the drivers of week over week pipeline changes. Double forecast accuracy by using predictive sales applications to call your number. Eliminate spreadsheets by generating a single forecast that can be pivoted to meet the needs of everyone in the company. Roll up the forecast in minutes, even in global and matrixed organizations.


  • Change Analysis C9 Pipeline lets you trace every move a deal makes as it passes through the sales pipeline. Over any time period, you’ll see the deltas in close dates, pricing, and probability. And even when you’re on the go, you’ll have immediate access to that information via any mobile device. 
  • Embedded Risk Metrics C9 Pipeline uses predictive analysis to discover the reasons deals aren’t tracking to close. Results are embedded throughout the application to help sales teams build strategies that knock down risks before they derail the deal. 
  • OppScore C9 Pipeline taps our predictive sales platform to determine which deals will close, which won’t, and which could go either way. Each opportunity gets a unique score that can be used to focus teams on the areas where they’ll have the most impact. 
  • OppCue C9 analyzes thousands of closed opportunities to isolate the factors that fueled wins and those that derailed deals. It then correlates these factors with open opportunities to expose the top impediments to deal closure as well as the actions reps can take to get deals done.