Business Integration Suite

Business Integration Suite by SeeBurger Business Integration

The formula for business integration success with SEEBURGER is derived from a simple concept: “Single source – complete control”. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite provides an open platform that is designed to easily integrate into existing infrastructures. And it’s open interfaces enable the platform to be supplemented and/or expanded using components from other manufacturers.


  • SEEBURGER offers a comprehensive Business Integration Suite that functions as a central platform and data hub for all business processes with external business partners. This solution supports all communication channels, including EDI, paper, fax or the web. It converts the data into the required formats, controls processes in accordance with configurable rules, interlinks all the major ERP systems and monitors those processes. 
  • SEEBURGER provides easy-to-follow workflow-based best practices for handling order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay flows for SAP users. For manufacturing companies and energy providers, special monitoring solutions for SAP are provided. The Business Integration Suite can also be used for the secure and traceable transfer of all types of unstructured, sensitive data, taking into account both internal company policies and IT compliance requirements. 
  • SEEBURGER solutions can be installed at the customer’s premises, operated as a managed service in SEEBURGER’s data center or deployed as a cloud solution. Hybrid forms such as remote services are also readily available.