Brandworkz digital asset management

Brandworkz digital asset management by Brandworkz

Brandworkz digital asset management gives you the ability to store, manage, share, distribute and update all your digital assets from one online location. Brandworkz is dynamic, efficient and easy to use, meaning that managing your digital assets saves time and money. 


  • Easy upload/download Brandworkz digital asset management gives you the option to upload and download files individually, in bulk or zipped up. Having these different options makes managing files on Brandworkz quick and efficient. 
  • Brandworkz DAM features a new HTML 5 uploader which allows you to ‘drag and drop’ files and folder structures straight from your desktop. Brandworkz also allows you to upload files via FTP. 
  • Our digital asset management system has industry leading text and keyword search functionality that gives you and your team the ability to locate any of your digital assets easily and quickly. 
  • Brandworkz DAM also makes it easier to discover new assets and artwork because is indexes both the full text of documents as well as all the keywords and tags. 
  • The Logo Finder within Brandworkz digital asset management is designed to ensure you get the right logo in the correct format every time. The Logo Finder ‘decision tree’ is made up of a number of simple non-technical questions which help your users download the correct permutation of your logo or artwork. Logo Finder will avoid the wrong logo being used in an incorrect situation which can cause a negative perception of your brand. 
  • With Brandworkz you can store almost any type of video, image, document or graphic file. Our DAM system also generates unique thumbnail previews for each file added to Brandworkz. 
  • Users of Brandworkz can choose from multiple different download options to get the image or file in the correct size and format that meets their needs.