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Brandwatch Analytics by Brandwatch

Brandwatch Analytics is a web-based social media monitoring platform designed to allow you to get the most out of the social media data important to your business.The most powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool, chosen by pioneering brands and agencies all over the world.


  • Brandwatch can identify and deliver conversations in over 27 languages, and we’re constantly adding more to our crawling capabilities. 
  • More powerful query language, less irrelevanceYou can build queries bespoke from the ground up as well as selecting from a list of limited options. More flexibility + more relevance = much more useful outcomes. - More ways to dice the data, less restrictionAuthors, followers, posts, views, comments… there’s nothing two-dimensional about the way Brandwatch allows you to manipulate our findings. If data gets you going, Brandwatch will get you going even more. 
  • More data quality, less spamWe crawl and store web data ourselves, which puts us in complete control. Multiple layers of spam filtering ensure the data that comes through to you is clean and of the highest quality. - More languages, less conversation missedWhen we add a new language to Brandwatch, rather than buy in average data that hasn’t been audited, we do it properly. Brandwatch systems find all the relevant sources and the crawlers revisit them every day to make sure our coverage is complete. 
  • More simple to use, less confusion - Brandwatch is built for ease of use. Access auto-generated dashboards in a matter of seconds and watch your data pour in. Then, create custom dashboards specific to your projects or suited to particular teams in your organisation; there is no limit to the flexibility of our interface. 
  • More dedicated support, less frustration - An obsession with pioneering technology isn’t always compatible with a passion for customer service, but everyone at Brandwatch has more of both.