Blueforce by EPAY Systems

If you manage a distributed workforce, you already know that conventional time and attendance systems are not a good match for you. They require you to conform to a rigid framework, one designed for less-complex labor environments. It’s like jamming a square peg in a round hole. It doesn't fit well. BlueforceTM is different. Our time and labor management system is designed specifically for complex labor environments. Above all, it’s flexible. You don’t have to conform to fit Blueforce, because it conforms to fit you.


  • Reduce labor costs  Based on our other customers’ experience, we can confidently pledge that you’ll see labor costs shrink by 5% or more. 
  • Increase compliance Blueforce factors in all labor laws and union rules and flags potential conflicts, so you can nip problems in the bud. 
  • Keep you in control  With savvy features, such as real-time alerts  and reports and value-added labor budgeting and scheduling  software.